Monday, 26 September 2016

Get Ready With Me | Summer Throughout The Year

The other day as I was going though a long list of a YouTuber videos, I found a title that goes "Spring Makeup Look" and I was like... errr... sweetie, we only have summer throughout the year, you know that? Right? Huhu

Well, the YouTuber did a great job sharing all the information on how it was done and I gotta say good job but honey, it could be better.

And mine is better.

Well... Just look at me. I'm not a makeup guru but I definitely nailed it.

If you want to look beautiful or cute or whatever you name it (I trust you on that part) or you're wondering how I did it, you've made the right choice for reading this up until here.

If I can, then you can. Unless I can't, then I'll just walk away.

And you guys are soooo lucky because I'll be listing down everything that I used.

I managed to searched the products that I've used to achieved this look (if you've been reading my blog you'll understand what I'm saying here), and... hurm... you might be surprised with the products that I've used, you see. Some of the products that I've used has been discontinued or now comes in new package so hurm... yeah.

To prove that I've used these products to get that look, I will place a photo of myself and the product side by side.

Well? You ready?

Let's go!!!

I used:

Face: IN2IT BB Make-Up Cream 5 IN 1
Face: KATE liquid foundation
Brush: Elianto
Face: KATE mineral foundation
Brush: Elianto face brush (I've stopped using this because it felt like it is poking my face)
Face: SILKYGIRL loose powder
Puff: ETUDE HOUSE loose powder puff
Eyes: CandyDoll highlighter
Brush: Sasa
Eyes: IN2IT Eyeshadow Colour Palette - 04 Island Sand
Eyeliner: Maybelline HyperSharp Liner
False eyelashes
Upper lash: Eyemazing produced by Mizukitty Sweet Ribbon Series No.301
Lower lash: Dolly Wink produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka No.13 Baby Girl
Eyebrow: KATE gradical eyes
Eyes (Lower lash): IN2IT Eyeshadow Colour Palette - 04 Island Sand
Nose: ETUDE HOUSE Petit Darling Matte Eyeshadow
Brush: elianto shaper brush and a brush from one of the beauty shop in Sg Wang
T-zone: CandyDoll highlighter
Brush: Sasa
Lower eye: CandyDoll highlighter
Brush: Sasa
Blusher: THE FACE SHOP Lovely ME:EX blusher
Brush: (By the look of it, it might be from DIY Shop.)
Lip concealer: HEAVY ROTATION lip concealer
Lipstick: HEAVY ROTATION Milky Color Lips
Lip gloss: ETUDE HOUSE LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge Gloss

There you have it.

Who would have thought, by using this products I can achieved this look.

Not bad, me. Heheh

I would definitely purchase again products such as KATE, Heavy Rotation, CandyDoll, Eyemazing, DollyWink, MAYBELLINE and IN2IT.

Like I've mentioned earlier, Well... Just look at me. I'm not a makeup guru but I definitely nailed it.

See ya!

To know more about each of the products, head over to their website! Link below:






ISEHAN Heavy Rotation





Friday, 23 September 2016

Why I Always Bring A Drawing Book Every Time I Travel Overseas

Have you ever experience finding something that is so precious to you, which you have long forgotten, and have that certain feeling coming back to you after you've discovered it?

Suddenly every thing that has happened at that moment kept coming back to you.

No wonder I've heard and read that people say, memory last forever. No matter how long you live; the only thing that will remain is our memory.

I'll call this whole thing reminiscent.

As I was searching for some notes in the box, I was actually surprised to see this in the box as it has nothing to do with all the papers that I have in it. By right, it shouldn't be in this box in the first place. It should be in the other box.

I thought it was empty and since the paper is thin, i don't think I've ever paint in this kind of drawing book.

Until... I started to flip the drawing book.

I was surprised to see there's actually something it in. And I became eager to know more about it.

Not that kind of eager as to jump up and down on the sofa. I'm cool.

Well well... what do we have here.

I even draw a seating plan. Hurm... not bad, me. 
But my handwriting... gosh!

The Hiragana on the left corner is actually すごい which means great or amazing. 
Sugoidesune / ごいですね

It felt wonderful reading all my thoughts that I had at that moment.

Heck! I can't believe I even wrote the conversation that I had with my dad. Instead of drawing faces, I chose to draw a dialogue box.

I laughed like hell reading this part. What was I even thinking?!!!

Since we were always on the move, I had limited time to draw. Drawing in the bus was a challenge. Imagine after visiting a place, I will try my hardest to draw and write down everything before arriving at a new place. If not, I will write it in point forms and then by night time I will write and draw everything again. 

And I will only do something like this every time I travel overseas.

It's really nice to read it again. The cloud part... hurm... maybe I watched too many movies. Heheh.

Well... I showed this drawing book to my nephew and niece. 

They actually smiled and laughed while reading this, you see. Maybe because of the way I wrote it. One of them wanted to read until the end but hurm... maybe when their big enough one day they can read it again. 

If they can find it. :p

So you think you will have something like this the next time you go on a vacation?